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For Parents of Young Children:

We understand your worries and concerns as parents of a young child, as to whether or not to pursue this career for your child.

Rest assured that all precautions are taken to insure the health, safety, security and well being of all children in the television and modeling industry.

We at Adele’s Kids & Adults do not place the photos of our models on our website. All our photo submissions are sent only to casting directors who work with us on a regular basis. The photos are not for public use or access. The security of our clientele’s images is critically important to us and we do not allow the images to be accessed or utilized by anyone with access to a computer.

We ensure that no third parties or non-industry individuals or companies are provided with ANY personal information pertaining to any of our clients.

At all of our auditions for babies under 3 months of age, the baby does not leave the parent’s arms. The casting people simply look at the baby while it is still being held by the parent.

Babies over three months of age are held by the casting people in the presence of the parent.

All of our auditions are by appointment only and the waiting time is never more than 5 minutes. The auditions and jobs take place in a clean and safe environment.

For television work babies are handled by Registered Nurses or Pediatricians only. The babies are never filmed for more than 15 minutes at a time. There is always a crib on the set and a fridge for the baby’s bottles as well.

The earning potential for this type of work is phenomenal! Your child can earn anywhere from $100 an hour and up for print work and thousands of dollars for commercials and soap operas.

Many of our young clients have earned enough to provide for their college education and more!

Why not give it a try? If you find you are no longer interested in this pursuit for your child, you may stop at any time for any reason.